Saturday, February 25, 2012

Classes and new works

I have been remiss in writing my blog. I have been very busy working on class assignments. I have finished the online Color Theory - Part 2 course.  Part 3 starts in a couple of weeks.  In March, I will be going to Washington to take a class called - Drawing and Painting for the Terrified. I will fit in perfectly with this class. These are classes taken  at Gail Harker's Creative Study Center.  I have also started a class on art principles at the  It is called the Artist's Toolbox and is  being taught by Lyric Kinard.  I am really excited about this class.  I have had no formal art training and would like to learn  more about art principles.

I have also been working on several pieces.  I wanted to try embroidery on soluble stabilizer where I could leave open spaces in the piece.  This was a test piece done on Peltex.  I was pleased with how it came out but it was hard to embroider through all my layers.
I had decided to make my husband's valentines day present and did this piece with the water soluble stabilizer on a piece of felt.  It was a little easier to stitch through but not much.  If anyone has any ideas on leaving spaces within a piece, I would be glad to know them. I was using adhesive soluble stabilizer - then the fabric - with a piece of see through solvy on top..

The above piece is a new way of working for me.  It was done on wool felt and I used an embellisher machine.  This piece is not finished - I have lots of hand embroidery I would like to add to this piece.

I think that about updates you on what has been going on creatively in my life.  I would like to leave you with a thought that means alot to me.  The quote is from Georgia O'Keefe.  "I found I could say things with color and shape that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."  Have a great week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Regina's Starry Starry NIght

The inspiration for this piece was Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night. I love that painting! I have posters of it - shirts with it on it and even a mouse pad with the painting on it! I was sitting at my computer looking at my mouse pad (it's pretty cool to get inspiration from a mouse pad - lol) and thinking about Van Gogh's sky and how wonderfully busy it is. I decided to make my own Starry Night.

I hand pieced a background of blue patchwork blocks of similar values. I added three appliqued circles and then the fun begin! I wanted to fill up my night sky with brightly colored hand embroidery. The result is what you see here. As I was working on the piece, I was thinking about the line from a science fiction movie, "Somewhere in a galaxy far far away." This night sky was definitely not Earth's but I could imagine it as a night sky in some far away exotic world.

This piece measures 14 x 14. It is worked on cotton patchwork which is then added to a piece of black felt. There is a hanging sleeve on the back and comes with a dowel rod for hanging. The black hanger is not included with the piece. It is just to show one way of hanging it. You can get this hanger from Dharma Trading Company.