Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!  I have been taking an online color theory class through Gail Harker's Creative Studies Center. 
 The class was excellent and I recommended it highly.  There are 3 parts to the class and I have finished the first - the second one starts in a few weeks - then the third one I think starts in March.  I believe Gail is starting another new color theory class for those who missed the first one in a few weeks, too.  I am posting some of my sketch book pages I made during the course.

Ms. Sharma, thank you for your kind comments on my work.  I am just learning about the natural dying of fabric and do not feel educated enough to do a tutorial yet.  I would like to recommend the book, "Eco Colour by India Flint.
 I am learning much from this book. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays! We are getting ready here for the boys to come in.  Nathan comes Wednesday and Chuck comes Friday.  I can hardly wait!

I wanted to share with you a piece I have finished.

This is the patchwork I made.  I dyed the brown myself.  First dying was with  Kakishibu, which is from
fermented unripened persimmons.  I then overdyed it with pomegranates. It's a very creamy brown which I love.  The blue patches come from Japan and are indigo dyed.

This is the finished piece.  I embroidered a mehndi design on it.  I am not for sure what I am going to use this piece for but I'm sure I will come up with something.

Life has been busy around here.  I am taking a color theory class that I am really enjoying.  I will post more about it soon.