Monday, November 21, 2011

Pomegranate Dying

Hi and happy Thanksgiving!  I have been dying fabric using pomegranates.

Fabric soaking in alum and cream of tarter mordant.

Pomegranate skins simmering.
 I was surprised to know that you use the pomegranate skins and not the red fruit to dye with.  The red fruit always stains my clothing so I thought that would be what you would use but everything I read said you could only get dye from the skin..

Fabric cooking in pomegranate dye.
 I was thinking that I might should have used more pomegranate solution.  As you can see not all of my fabric was covered in the solution.

Cold bundled ecoprints
 I used leaves from my yard and pomegranate slivers for this ecoprint.  You bundle it and let it sit for a month, then open and hopefully have a nice surprise.

Hot bundled ecoprints
 This fabric was bundled the same way as the cold but you then steamed them for an hour.

Dyed Fabric
 This is some of my results.  It is hard to tell but this is linen/cotton on the left, linen/rayon in the middle and 100% cotton on the right. These are all a light yellow color.  I was disappointed that they weren't darker.

Kakishibu on left. Pomegranate on right.
This is a piece of cotton on the left that had originally been dyed with Kakishibu (fermented unripened persimmons). On the right is a piece of the same fabric overdyed with the the pomegranates.

 This is a piece of silk dupioni on the left and raw silk on the right. They turned out more colorful than the cottons.

This is one of the hot bundled ecoprints that was steamed and then opened.  It is light but is a very pretty yellow.  The rest of the hot bundled ecoprints will be opened in a month.

This was an interesting first dying experience.  There are some things I will do differently next time and hopefully get darker colors.  If anyone has suggestions I would be thrilled to hear them.

I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving will have a happy and safe holiday.  We are heading to Portland tomorrow to spend the time with the boys.

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